About Us

Give your friends, family or self the Best. Gift. Ever. without having to make a treacherous journey into unknown lands with a hand drawn map given to you by a one-eyed, toothless prospector who told drunken tales of a broken-down shack filled with interesting gadgets from distant lands sold by a sly, pointy-eared trader with a mysterious past.

We sell the best magnetic toys and gifts, as well as a few things that are not magnetic, but only because they are really, really cool.

We support charities and foundations that help people with autism succeed in a world built for NT's. We believe that autism is NOT a disease that needs to be cured and do not support any organization that funds research or causes in that realm. Many of the toys we feature are great for stimming and we try to make sure any wearables are sensory-friendly. If you have any questions or would like any recommendations, we are happy to help.